Title card series

The Adventures of Cliff Hanger is a book series by Livingston Dangerously.  They are a segment that happens in most Between the Lions episodes.


The segments begins with the book showing the name of the story, with the number each time showing out of chronological order. Then, a helicopter files with a chorus singing about Cliff Hanger, who is (obviously) hanging from a cliff  on a branch. He tries to get their attention, but never succeeds. Then, the branch breaks down, as to Cliff saying,  Can't.....Hold......On.......Much.....Longer!!! After that, Cliff notices something happening or someone above or below him. As the narrator describes


Cliff reaches into his backpack and consults a Survival Manual, which is considered trusty. As he reads, the instructions always seem to relate to the surrounding events.  Cliff does so, with items mostly from his backpack. Sometimes he gets off the cliff, while other times he falls off. But all those actions lead up to him falling off unexpectedly, or jumping up, back on the cliff. To Cliff's dismay, the branch breaks down again, so he says his catchphrase as the sun goes down.



  • Lionel is a fan of the Cliff Hanger books, while Leona finds it boring.
  • A constant recurring gag is that in some episodes, Cliff would throw some items away from his pack (such as a rope, or a parachute) which ironically he could have used to get off the cliff.
  • As shown in the Enchanted Goat in a Coat, floating in a Boat , his backpack is also a toaster.
  • Cliff Hanger does get off the cliff as seen in Episode 40: The Last Cliff Hanger

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