Marmy Smartypants is Arty Smartypants' mother and assistant. She has 2 segments of her own (Swami Marmy and Marmy's Poetry Corner). Occasionally, she visits the library, too (Like in Episode 57: Pigs Aplenty, where she babysat the cubs and threw a pig party).


Swami MarmyEdit

This segment features Marmy Smartypants as a fortune teller who tells monkeys their future. In one segment, she tells a monkey that his sister will drop in for a visit, after which she literally, drops in from above. In another segment, she simply tells a monkey "Oops!" after which Marmy knocks her crystal ball off the table and it rolls off and breaks.

Marmy's Poetry CornerEdit

This segment features Marmy introducing a celebrity who reads a poem to the audience.