Sam Spud
Sam Spud is the spoof of the Sam Spade detective stories, this segment portrays a par-boiled potato who types out the voice-over narration typical of film noir on a late night, making and correcting typographical errors that demonstrate word sounds.

This segment makes heavy use of sight gags based on wordplay (such as the narrator referring to the entrance of a "tomato"—1930s slang for an attractive woman—who is revealed to be a real tomato wearing a costume; or a neon sign that blinks the words "Flicker Flicker" or "On" and "Off").

In most cases, the segments would end with a live-action boy or girl watching Sam Spud on television and calling out to his or her mother that "there's a talking potato with a hat on and no mouth!" (or some variation), and the mother calling from offscreen telling her child not to worry and that it's educational television, so it must be good for him/her. On one occasion, it ends with the mother telling it is not nice to say one of the words.

Correct WordsEdit

  • hamburger
  • pickle
  • cool
  • jam
  • knock
  • eggs
  • Sam Spud
  • banana
  • kid
  • peach
  • masher in the neighborhood
  • eel

Incorrect WordsEdit

  • humbarger
  • pockle
  • cowl
  • jim
  • knuck
  • iggs
  • Same Spud
  • binini
  • kud
  • pooch
  • neighbor in the masherhood
  • owl