The Missing Letter is a segment from Between The Lions. It always involves an object(s) discovering a word that has 1 or 2 missing vowels and it fixes the problem before reading the word.


  1. hands (EKA: Episode 60: You Can't Catch Me!)
  2. wrench (EKA: Episode 63: Help!)
  3. feet (EKA: Episode 58: What Parakeets Need)
  4. crayons (EKA: Episode 56: Hay Day)
  5. clouds (EKA: Episode 62: Out in Outer Space)
  6. whipped cream (EKA: Episode 65: Treats!)
  7. toothpaste (EKA: Episode 59: Too Cool)
  1. rake (EKA: Episode 67: Grow, Mane, Grow!)
  2. toast (EKA: Episode 68: Three Goats No Waiting)
  3. alarm clock (EKA: Episode 66: Art Party)