Martha reader

Martha Reader and The Vowelles

Martha Reader is a girl singer who performs with The Vowelles in Between the Lions.

She appeared in Season 1 to Season 4.

Appearance Edit

Martha has indigo hair, golden yellow skin, and a red nose. She wears a yellowish white dress.Pail

Segments Edit

  • Feet (The Good Seed, Tweet Tweet, and What Parakeets Need)
  • Hat (Rats and You Can't Catch Me)
  • Bug (Bug Beard, But Mama But, and Huff and Puff)
  • Meat (Teacher's Pet, Dreaming Shakespeare, and Treats!)
  • Tap (The Chap with Caps)
  • Hit (Little Big Mouse)
  • (Poetry Day)
  • Paint (Trains and Brains and Rainy Plains)
  • Lip (To the Ship! To the Ship!)
  • Wig (The Boy Who Cried Wolf)
  • Brick (Click Clack Moo and Pigs Aplenty)
  • Dress (The Chess Mess and Help!)
  • Bed (Red Hat, Green Hat)
  • Mess (Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West)
  • Buzz (Fuzzy Wuzzy, Wuzzy?)
  • Hoop (Zoop! Zoop!)
  • Boot (Why The Baboons Balloon Went Ka Boom! and Too Cool)
  • Vest (Step by Step and Quest quest quest!)
  • Kick (Lionel's Great Escape Trick)
  • Kite (The Spider and the Lie)
  • Flag (The Sad Dad)
  • Fast (The Last Cliff Hanger)
  • Light (Good Night Knight)
  • Rug (Hug Hug Hug!)
  • Men (The Hopping Hen and Farmer Ken's Puzzle)
  • Man (Lionel's Antlers)
  • Fan (The Old Man)
  • Sing (A King and his Hawk)
  • Mud (The Lucky Duck)
  • The A Song (The Ram in the Pepper Patch)
  • The E Song (The Hopping Hen and Peck of Peppers)
  • Pep (A Peck of Peppers)
  • Fun (The Roar that Makes Them Run)
  • Tub (Giants and Cubs)
  • Pack (Piggyback, Piggyback)
  • Jam (The Ram in the Pepper Patch)
  • Dish (Sausage Nose and Something Fishy)
  • Web (Pebble Trouble)
  • Fish (Lionel's Great Escape Trick)
  • Best (Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West)
  • Pan (Oh, Yes, It Can! and Dance in Smarty Pants! (final appearance))

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