Lionel Michael Lion is one of the main characters of the show. He is the older and only son of Theo and Cleo Lion, and the brother of Leona Lion.

He is the only one to wear any clothing, that being a gray hat and a green-and-white-striped polo-style shirt.

Before season 9, it is (at least to whoever added this page, for now) unknown who performed him, but starting on that season, he was performed by Noel MacNeal.

He is a great fan of Cliff Hanger books. He likes superheroes like Galloping Gazelle, Elastic Boy, Lasso Man and more. He is best friends with Gus Rabbit. He watches superhero shows on TV like The Galloping Gazelle Show, The Colossal Elastic Boy, The Spectacular El Bandito, The Invincible Lasso Man and other superhero TV shows. In Between the Lions: Superheroes, his alter-ego is Falcon Cub.

Lionel Lion is friends with Gus the Bunny, Martha Reader, The Vowelles, Johnny Consonanti, Lenny the alligator, and Heath the thesaurus.


  • His green striped shirt may have been based on Steve's green striped shirt from Blue's Clues but only short sleeved while Steve's were long sleeved.

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