Gawain's Word is a segment in Between the Lions.

Synopsis Edit

A Wayne's World spoof featuring two jousting knights charging at each other, each touting a speech balloon with half of a word which was their respective names, then demonstrating the word. The host of the segment is the eponymous Gawain.

For example, one skit featured "Sir sh" and "Sir ark". When Sir sh collided into Sir srk, their speech balloons melded together to form the word "shark." Then they demonstrated the word by running away from a shark.

Season 1 SegmentsEdit

Season 2 SegmentsEdit

Season 3 SegmentsEdit

  • spin
  • hoop
  • jump
  • bow
  • dress
  • soak
  • creak

Season 4 SegmentsEdit

  • dark
  • chase
  • net
  • fan

Season 5 SegmentsEdit

  • nap

Season 6 Segments/Blend Mart Edit

During Season 6 of Between the Lions, Gawain's Words started taking place at Blend Mart, a Wal*Mart spoof. Blend Mart sells:

  • kitty
  • straw
  • yo-yos
  • vines
  • box
  • shorts
  • toys

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