The Three Legged Pot/When Jabo Jammed is the ninety-eighth episode of Between the Lions.

The Three Legged Pot Edit

After a skit where Cliff Hanger read "The Three Legged Pot" by Pilar Pilanco, Leona, who was reading the book with Lionel, asks Click to drag and drop the pot oustide so she can dance with it.

When Jabo Jammed Edit

Fred Newman tells the story of a kid named Jabo, who made music using a paper towel tube. Afterwards, the lion family make music too.

Segments Edit

The Three Legged Pot

When Jabo Jammed

Episode Order Edit

Previous Episode: Episode 97: Moon Rope/Welcome to the Moon

Next Episode: Episode 99: Charlie's Dinosaur/Here Come the Aliens

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