Bear Snores On/Night in the Country is the 93rd episode of Between the Lions.

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Bear Snores On Edit

Cleo interviews the titular bear from the book Bear Snores On. Afterwards, she reads the book, where some animals have a party and interrupt the bear's slumber.

Night in the Country Edit

Click reads a book about what happens in the countryside at nighttime.

Known SegmentsEdit

Bear Snores On

  • Opposite Bunny: Awake/Asleep

Night in the Country

Notes Edit

  • There is no existing footage of this episode, the descriptions listed on this page came from Wikipedia, and the segments came from PBS Learning Media.

Episode Order Edit

Previous Episode: Episode 92: Spicy Hot Colors/Yesterday I Had the Blues

Next Episode: Episode 94: How to Be a Good Dog/Not Afraid of Dogs

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