It's Red! It's Green!/Joesph Had a Little Overcoat
Season 5, Episode 80
Air date November 22, 2005
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Episode 79: Earl's Too Cool / When I Was Five
Episode 81: Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash/Knuffle Bunny
Picture Segment Description
IMG 2241
COLD OPEN Gus Bunny raps about some of the words we'll be seeing in this episode.
IMG 2236
IMG 3131
SCENE 1 Leona sees a big bag that her mom asked if she can pick up. Leona doubts it, however. In order to convince her it's possible, Cleo reads Leona "Red Hat, Green Hat" to show her things aren't always as the they seem.
IMG 2238
IMG 2239
SCENE 1 (cont'd) Leona gives it a try, and she lifts it! It turns out the bag was filled with balloons, making it light enough for her to lift.
IMG 2763
Insert The grey hand removes the letter "R" from the word "Red".
IMG 2234
Cartoon Sign Words: Rug, Rose, Rocket
IMG 2233
Celebrity Fred Says: Rocket (EKA: Episode 02: The Lost Rock)
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.49.26 PM
Animation Rocket Doodle Doo (EKA: Episode 02: The Lost Rock)
Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.33.34 PM
Cartoon The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and the Big Flying Rug (EKA: Episode 23: The Lucky Duck)
IMG 2232
Film Real Kids: Things That Are Red
IMG 2763
Insert The grey hand puts the letter "R" back.
IMG 2764
SCENE 2 Leona is going to a party, but can't decide what to wear. She then asks if anyone else has the same problem.
IMG 2765
Animation The Information Hen answers Leona's question by reading a chapter of "It's a Pig's World".
IMG 2766
SCENE 2 (cont'd) Leona decides she doesn't want to wear anything, and she and her mom party.
IMG 2767
IMG 2279
SCENE 3 Cleo is throwing out some old books, but Leona doesn't want to see them go. Cleo then gets the idea to read her "Joesph Had A Little Overcoat" to show her you can always make something out of nothing.
IMG 2768
SCENE 3 (cont'd) After the book, Cleo can't find Leona. It turns out she made an overcoat out of the books. She then goes to make one for Cleo.
IMG 2777
Insert They grey hand takes the letter "j" from the word "jacket"
IMG 2770
Film Magnets: Jar, Juice, Jug
IMG 2299
Celebrity Fred Says (again): Juggle (EKA: Episode 18: Hug, Hug, Hug!)
IMG 2244
Puppets Monkey Cheerleaders: J-O-G, jog
Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 12.45.14 PM
Celebrity/Puppets A Word From Teresa Weatherspoon: jump (EKA: Episode 44: Bug Beard)
Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.36.49 PM
Puppets Gus Bunny sings You Gotta Jump (EKA: Episode 32: Humph! Humph Humph!)
IMG 2771
Animation Balloons: Jump, Jet, Jam
IMG 2776
Film Sam Spud: Jim/Jam (EKA: Episode 11: To the Ship! To the Ship!)
IMG 2235
Puppets Lionel, Leona, Cleo, and Theo in "Lions Jabbering, Doing a Jig, and Jogging"
IMG 2777
Insert The grey hand puts the "j" back.
IMG 2778
IMG 2765
SCENE 4/Animation Leona shows her mom her sneakers, which look just like the ones Pig wears in It's A Pig's World. The Information Hen then re-reads the clothing chapter.

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