A Tasty Piece of Cheese / The Lion and the Mouse
Season 5, Episode 78
Air date June 6, 2005
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Episode 77: Sylvester and the Magic Pebble / I Miss You, Stinky Face
Episode 79: Earl's Too Cool / When I Was Five
Picture Segment Description
IMG 2737
COLD OPEN Theo raps about some words we'll see today.
IMG 2738
IMG 2739
SCENE 1 Theo decides to teach Lionel an important lion lesson. He comes up to him, and asks if he can do a roar for him (when in reality, he just wants the porkchop in his mouth). But before he roars, Theo reads him The Fox and the Crow to describe his plan.
IMG 2740
SCENE 1 (cont'd) Lionel does his roar for his dad, and gives him the chop so he can open his mouth. However, Theo explained that he just wanted the chop. However, Lionel tells how he wanted to share his chop with his dad, and they eat it up.
IMG 2741
Insert The grey hand takes the "ch" from the word "cheese".
IMG 2742
Film Magnets: Chair, Cheese, Chicken, Chicks
IMG 2382
Film Real Kids: CH Words
IMG 2743
Film Gawain's Word: Chase (EKA: Episode 67: Grow, Mane, Grow!)
IMG 2744
Celebrity/Puppets A Word from Al Roker: Chilly (EKA: Episode 47: The Spider and the Lie)
IMG 2781
Puppets Theo and Cleo sing "We Choose to Cha, Cha, Cha!" (EKA: Episode 12: The Chap With Caps)
IMG 2745
Film/Puppets Tounge Twisters: Choppers Chop, Shoppers Shop (EKA: Episode 16: The Popcorn Popper)
Btl07 vid look
Cartoon Look It Up (EKA: Episode 74: A Shower of Stars / Two Moons and One Lagoon)
IMG 2741
Insert The grey hand puts the "ch" back.
IMG 2746
SCENE 2 Theo and Lionel wonder who else likes to eat food.
IMG 2747
Cartoon The Information Hen answers their question by reading a chapter of It's a Pig's World.
IMG 2748
SCENE 2 (cont'd) The book makes Lionel hungry for cheese, so Theo puts out a huge chunk of cheese for them to eat.
IMG 2749
IMG 2750
SCENE 3 Theo remarks how must lions don't love cheese, but he does. This reminds Lionel of The Lion and the Mouse, which Theo then reads.
IMG 2751
SCENE 3 (cont'd) Lionel doesn't want to eat the cheese as it may save his and Theo's lives, but then reveals he was just joking.
IMG 2752
Insert The grey hand takes the letter "l" from the word "little".
IMG 2753
Animation Notepad: Line, Lime, Light
IMG 2754
Celebrity Fred Says: Lighthouse (EKA: Episode 53: Good Night, Knight!
IMG 2265
Film Real Kids (again): L Words
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 4.20.03 PM
Cartoon The Un-People: Locked/Unlocked (EKA: Episode 02: The Lost Rock)
IMG 2736
Puppets Theo, Cleo, Lionel, and Leona in Lions in Line Laughing
IMG 2757
Celebrity/Puppets India.Arie sings about the word "Love". (EKA: Episode 69: Step by Step)
Screenshot 2015-12-11-22-43-27
Puppets Ten Little Words (EKA: Episode 53: Good Night, Knight!)
IMG 2752
Insert The grey hand puts the "l" back.
IMG 2760
IMG 2747
SCENE 4/Cartoon Theo and Lionel finish off the cheese, and want to hear the "Food" chapter of It's a Pig's World again.
IMG 2762
SCENE 4 (cont'd) The lions are still hungry, so Theo whips out another block of cheese, and Lionel gets another chop.