Episode 69: Step By Step
Season 4, Episode 69
Step by Step Title
Air date September 8, 2003
Written by Joe Fallon
Directed by Lisa Simmons
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Episode 68: Three Goats No Waiting
Episode 70: Dance In Smarty Pants
Picture Segment Description
Treasure Map Scene
SCENE 1 Cleo is helping out with Debby Teddy and Leona and Dr. Webster scanning before the library closes, when Lionel finds a treasure to a map, from a treasure book that belongs to Buster, who doesn't want them to find it.
Insert The pigeons Walter and Clay don't want to be stopped by the gang
Screenshot 2016-03-18 at 1.11.41 PM
SCENE 1 (cont'd) The lions follow the steps carefully.... while Walter and Clay want to rest... but there's no time!
Insert The grey hand takes out a vowel "e" from the word "step"
Martha and Vowelles-Vest
Muppets Martha Reader and The Vowelles: vest

(EKA: Episode 46: Quest! Quest! Quest!)

Celebrity Fred Raps: est words
If You Can Read PE
Song "If You Can Read Pe" (sung by Chris Cerf)
Letter Change-Wrench
Cartoon Missing Letter: wrench

(EKA: Episode 63: Help!)

Brain and Cleo Homophones
Song Brian McKnight and Cleo sing "Homophones"

(EKA:Episode 62: Out in Outer Space)

Watch EpisodeEdit

Between The Lions episode 69 Step By Step (Better Sound Sync)27:41

Between The Lions episode 69 Step By Step (Better Sound Sync)

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