Click the Mouse: name

The Un-People: un-tamed, re-tamed (EKA: Episode 56: Hay Day)

Color Jazz Words: tame, tape, cape, case

Gawain's Word: chase

Color Pattern Words: chase, case, cake

The Great Smartini: cake, cup, cupcake

India Arie: know song

Missing Letter: rake

Fred Says: flake/flakes

Sea Words: make, male, whale

The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and the Mammoth Whale

Chalkboard Word Morph: whale, male, may, pay

If you can read: ay (EKA: Episode 56: Hay Day)


Fred: [first lines, bringing a FredEx package like FedEx] FredEx package, FredEx package! I've got a FredEx package for Lionel Lion!
Theo: A FredEx package for Lionel?
Cleo: That was fast. He just ordered it this morning.
Fred: Well, you know the FredEx model, your package arrived before you can say, "It came!"
Theo: Uh, do you want me to sign anything?
Fred: Oh, no time. Gotta go! [leaving]
Theo: Bye, Fred! Hey, hey, hey, that was the Fred of FredEx!


Grow, Mane, Grow! Transcript