The creators of the Lions' favorite "Wheaty Meat Treats" ad are hired to make a commercial for the library. But they can't seem to get it right.


Barnaby B. Busterfield III: Speaking About Beaks

Martha Reader and The Vowelles: meat (EKA: Episode 39: Teacher's Pet)

Little Wendy Tales: Let's Eat (EKA: Episode 61: Huff and Puff)

Dr. Nitwhite: news with ea

The Un-People: un-seated, re-seated

Color Pattern Words: seat, meat, eat, neat

A word from Vanessa Williams: neat

Gawain's Word: creak

Missing Letter: whipped cream

Song: When Two Vowels Go Walking (EKA: Episode 37: Poetry Day)

Fred Says: ear, hear

Sky flipping Words: hear, near, nearly

Marmy's Poetry Corner: nearly 

Barnaby B. Busterfield III (again): A beak to beak dancing treat


  • Cleo: Do you care for some Wheaty Meat treats?
  • Jeff Kidding: Ah! No, no... No thanks. See, I'm on a wheatless, meatless, treatless diet.
  • Suits: We have no heads.
  • Cleo: And here are your name tags
  • Suit: Umm... They pay for the name tags, right?
  • Jeff Kidding: Heh, budget people. What a sense of humor!
  • Jeff Kidding: Jeff Kidding! Writer/Director/Producer of Jeff Kidding Productions.
  • Cleo: I'm Cleo. Lion/Mother/Librarian!