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Two Coats, One Goat and One Boat is the 64th episode of Between the Lions.

Synopsis Edit

Lionel tries figure out what happened to his very rare Cliff Hanger book, Cliff Hanger and the Enchanted Goat in a Coat in a Boat.


Polka Arty and Marmy: boat

Factory Words: boat, oat, oak, soak

Gawain's Word: soak

A word from Kelly Ripa

The Great Smartini: boat, house, houseboat

If you can read coa (Sung by Chris Curf)

Fred Says: toad/croak

Ball Metal Words: oak, oat, moat, moan

Marmy's Poetry Corner: moan

Video Edit

Two Coats, One Goat and One Boat26:40

Two Coats, One Goat and One Boat

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