What Parakeets Need
Season 3 (2002), Episode 58
Air date September 30, 2002
Episode guide
Episode 57: Pigs Aplenty
Episode 59: Too Cool
IMG 2689


Lionel and Leona are given the responsibility of taking care of a parakeet, and Leona tries to get it to say its' name.


The Vowelles: feet (EKA: Episode 33: The Good Seed)

Missing Letter: feet

Footprints: feet, beet, beef

What's Cooking? With Theo And Cleo: Beef In A Sheet With No Beets Or Greens (EKA: Episode 52: Tweet! Tweet!)

Fonix sings "Double E, EE" (EKA: Episode 33: The Good Seed)

Fun with Chicken Jane: Chicken Jane and the Bees (EKA: Episode 52: Tweet! Tweet!)

The Monkey Pop Up Theatre: Little Bo Peep (EKA: Episode 52: Tweet! Tweet!)

The Great Smartini: beeping sheep

Fred Says: weep, peep, beep, screech, wheeze

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