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Episode 57: Pigs Aplenty

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Pigs Aplenty is the 2nd episode of Season 3 and 57th episode of Between the Lions.


The Vowelles: brick (EKA: Episode 36: Clickety Clack!)

If you can read ick

Theatro: kick the ball

Centipedes: kick, kit, sit, sip, skip,

Fun with Chicken Jane: Chicken Jane and the Skipping Hippo (EKA: Episode 34: Icarus's Wings)

Get your mouth moving: Short i

Little Wendy Tales: Dripping ice cream

Fred says with Word Family: ig

Marmy's Poetry Corner: pig

Chalkboard: pig, ping, wing

Vowel Preview: The wings of Icarus

Transportation: wing, ping, pin

Gawain's Word: spin (EKA: Episode 43: Five Six and Thistle Sticks)

India Arie: give

Video Edit

Pigs Aplenty26:39

Pigs Aplenty

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