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Stop that chicken! is the 55th Episode of Between the Lions.
Stop That Chicken!
Season 2, Episode 55
Air date May 4, 2001 (season finale)
Written by Sarah Gurkee
Directed by Ted May
Episode guide
Episode 54: The Chess Mess
Episode 56: Hay Day


Chicken Jane flies out of her book into Colonial America, Sleeping beauty, and Cook A Lot Like Me By Molly Stewpot


If You Can Read Op

The Monkey Pop Up Theater: Heads And Shoulders Throbbing

Dr. Ruth Wordheimer: Hot

Fred And The Freds: Get Your Mouth Moving

Arty Smartypants: hop, hoped, hopper, hoping, and Grasshopper

Fred Says: Robot

Vowel Boot Camp: Not-Note

Ten Little Words (EKA: Episode 53: Good Night Knight)


Between The Lions episode 55 Stop That Chicken!27:40

Between The Lions episode 55 Stop That Chicken!

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