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Episode 54: The Chess Mess

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The Chess Mess is the 54th episode of Between the Lions.

BTL title episode 54
The Chess Mess
Season 2, Episode 54
Air date May 3, 2001
Written by Peter Hirsch
Directed by Lisa Simon
Episode guide
Episode 53: Good Night Knight
Episode 55: Stop That Chicken!
Picture Segment Description
Alice Dress-Up Scene
SCENE Theo and Cleo are dressed up for "Alice Day" as they sing a song about "Alice Day", while Leona and Lionel dress up too.
Book Title-54


The gang reads the book "Through the Looking Glass" by Louis Caring
Chess Board Scene


Then, CLick drags and drops a large chess board from the story,
Buster Walter and Clay Chest Game
Insert Walter and Clay Pigeon play ¨chest¨ which Buster finds ¨madness¨.
Pullout Short E-


The grey hand pulls out a short ¨e¨ from the word chess.
Muppets Martha Reader and The Vowelles: dress


Between The Lions Episode 54 The Chess Mess26:44

Between The Lions Episode 54 The Chess Mess

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