Good Night, Knight!
Season 2, Episode 53
Good night knight-0
Air date May 2, 2001
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Episode 52: Tweet! Tweet!
Episode 54: The Chess Mess

Plot Edit

Tim Lagasse and another puppeteer in the theater put on a show with tin knights, before the show starts, the lion family looks at models of the puppets, then Leona accidentally knocks one over, and the puppeteer has to fix it before the show starts, and Leona has a tantrum about it.

Segments Edit

IMG 2754
  • 14 Karat soul: I, I
  • Word Machine: knight, right, ride
  • Construction: ride, tide, time

Watch EpisodeEdit

Between the Lions 2x23 Good Night Knight Full Episode28:31

Between the Lions 2x23 Good Night Knight Full Episode

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