Tweet! Tweet!

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Tweet! Tweet! is the 52nd episode of Between the Lions.

Plot Edit

After hearing the book Bone Poems, Walter and Clay are humongous tweeting dinosaurs.

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Segments Edit

Martha Reader and The Vowelles: feet (EKA: Episode 33: The Good Seed)

Footprints: feet/fee/free/freeze

Fred Says: squeeze

Fonix sings "Double E, EE" (EKA: Episode 33: The Good Seed)

Gawain's Word: sweep

Microbes: sweep, weep, beep, beet, bee

Fun with Chicken Jane: Chicken Jane and the Bees

The Monkey Pop Up Theatre: Little Bo Peep

What's Cooking With Theo and Cleo: Beef in a sheet with no beets or greens

Sam Spud: slippery as an eel

Dr. Ruth Wordheimer: parakeet (EKA: Episode 33: The Good Seed)

Watch EpisodeEdit

Between The Lions episode 52 Tweet! Tweet!

Between The Lions episode 52 Tweet! Tweet!


Big Bird, Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street make a cameo in this episode.

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