Trains and Brains and Rainy Plains
Season 2, Episode 45
Trains and brains and rainy plains
Air date April 16, 2001
Written by Joe Fallon
Directed by Ted May
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Episode 44: Bug Beard
Episode 46: Quest! Quest! Quest!
Trains and Brains and Rainy Plains is the 45th episode of Between the Lions.


Lionel and Leona cause an illustrated fire after making Click drag and drop a train into a book

IMG 2848


Martha Reader and The Vowelles: Paint

Chalkboard: paint, pain, plain

Short Song: plain, brain, rain

Liza Jesse Peterson says a poem about ai

Colored Boxes: gain, pain, pail, nail, snail

Moby Duck: Daisy the entertaining white snail

Fred Says: hair

Sky Words: hair, fair, fail, rail, rain

The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and the Rain (EKA: Episode 37: Poetry Day)

Cleo sings Without an S


  • In this episode, the library features a fire alarm system (which features horns and flashing red "FIRE" lights), which activiates when the "illustrated fire" ignites. But in all other episodes, the library has no fire alarm.


Watch EpisodeEdit

Between the Lions - Trains and Brains and Rainy Plains26:45

Between the Lions - Trains and Brains and Rainy Plains

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