Oh Yes It Can!
Season 2, Episode 42
Air date April 14, 2001
Written by Joe Fallon
Directed by Ted May
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Episode 41: Pebble Trouble
Episode 43: Five Six and Thistle Sticks
Oh Yes, It Can! is the 42nd episode of Between the Lions
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Title card

Plot Edit

A woman in the theater tells a poem with many short k words, including kangroo, and a muppet yam from Elmo makes a cameo.

Segments Edit

The Vowelles: pan

Vowel Boot camp: man-main

Sky Words: man, mat, at

If You Can Read: at

Hugo And Ines: Hugo and the Hat

Gawain's Word: scratch

Library Scene Leona

Storybook scene

Song: Dance in Smarty Pants

Fred Says: clam

Color Patterns: clam, clan, pan, pant, paint

Tiger Words: paint

14 Karat Soul: short a 


Between The Lions Episode 42 Oh, Yes, It Can!

Between The Lions Episode 42 Oh, Yes, It Can!

Between the Lions - Episode 212 "Oh, Yes, It Can!

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