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The Last Cliffhanger is the 40th episode of Between the lions
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Lionel is excited that theres a new Cliff Hanger book. But when it comes he's shocked that it's the last one. So Click transports him and Leona into the beach he's on. Cliff's happy because he's not on the cliff. So Lionel asks him if can go back on the cliff. But Cliff says he can't because his author Livingston Dangerously wrote him there. But Cliff said to talk to Dangerously about writing more books. So Click transports the 2 cubs back to the Library. Lionel asks Dangerously to write more books. But Dangerously ran out of ideas but made Cliff go back on the Cliff anyway. 


The Vowelles: fast

Fred Says: fast, faster, fastest

Whats Your Name: short a

Sea Words: whale, tale, tack

Tiger Words: stack

What's Cooking with Theo and Cleo: Tackled and Paddle Hamburger

Sam Spud: Masher in the Neighborhood

B.B. King of the Beasts sings "It's Over Now!"


The Vowelles microphone dissapears when they appear in one scene.

Akira Takayama played Livingston Dangerously.


Between The Lions episode 40 The Last Cliff Hanger26:44

Between The Lions episode 40 The Last Cliff Hanger

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