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Icarus's Wings
Season 2, Episode 34
Air date April 5, 2001
Written by Joe Fallon
Directed by Ted May
Episode guide
[[Episode 33: The Good Seed]
Episode 35: Zoop Zoop!
Icarus's Wings

Title Card

The Lions family read the "Icarus's Wings" book in the corner. Buster, however wants to fly like Iccarus, so Walter and Clay make a pair for him.


Martha Reader and The Vowelles: ring

Gawain's Word: sing

Song: "Without an ing"

Construction: ing,, thing, ing, zing, zip

Fred Says: zip

Fun with Chicken Jane: Chicken Jane and the Skipping Hippo

Arty Smartypants: kitten mittens

Space Words: kitten, kit, sit, sing

Hugo and Ines Teatro: the Singer

Watch EpisodeEdit

Between the Lions episode 34 Icarus' Wings26:44

Between the Lions episode 34 Icarus' Wings

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