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The Good Seed is a 33rd episode of the series Between The Lions

The Good Seed
Season Season 2 (2001), Episode 33
Air date April 4, 2001
Written by Unknown
Directed by Chris Cerf
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Picture Segment Description
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'SCENE'1 Theo decides to

take more responsibility

Lionel to be at the return desk to have customers return their books while

Leona and Cleo read "The Empty Pot"

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SCENE 2cont'd We segue the story being read.... while Leona thinks about what Pingg might grow.
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SCENE 3 Walter and Clay pigeon eat seeds while Buster is trying to find the joke.
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SCENE 4 The grey hand pulls the double e and

brings it to the next segment...

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Muppets The Vowelles: feet
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 5.10.53 PM
Celebrity Mr. Bruno Kirby's dancing feet dances

to the tune of "Dance in Smarty-Pants"

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Cartoon balloons: feet, fee, ee, see, seep
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Song "Double e" (Fonix)
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Celebrity Fred Says; beep
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Dr. Ruth Wordheimer: parakeet
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SCENE 4 Lionel helps Jessica Monkey with returnings of all The Monkey Pop-up Theatre books and he sings "I'm gonna be a librarian someday"until he finds a nasty email that contains a hee-hee virus! Some segments fly around and some characters come out of books.
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'SCENE 4'cont'd Lionel Lion sadly sings "I'm never gonna be a librarian" because of what he done
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SCENE 5 Cleo Lion and Leona Lion find out what will happen during the rest of the story.... andPingg no longer has anything to grow as we bring the rest of this scene to...
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Muppets Gawain's Word: weep
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Animation Patterns: weep, peep, sheep
Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 8.58.46 AM
Song Replaced Words: Bo Peep, sheep, sleep
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SCENE 6 cont'd So continues the dancing feet of Mr Bruno Kirby.... but he falls asleep.
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SCENE 7 The grey hand puts the double e back in it's page
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'SCENE '8 The hee-hee sting is still driving everything and everyone and their computers insane with the virus. Lionel scans the virus and...... the computer restores the database!
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'SCENE '9 Leona Lion and Cleo Lion read the rest of the story about what happens to Pingg.... then they find out what the moral of the story is.
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'SCENE 9' cont'd Heath the thesaurus explains....... and then the viewers hear it again.
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SCENE 10 Lionel Lion tells Theo Lion about what was going on with the returns.... Then, Lionel Lion tells Theo Lion about the truth he had done as well... and says he will never be a librarian and has the courage to tell the truth to his father...
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SCENE 11 & 12 Walter and Clay Pigeon need more seeds but are extremely fat realizing they are out! "Hey Clay... we're out of uh... seeds! Yeah! Hey.. let's go get some more! That's it?
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SCENE 12 (cont'd) Mr. Bruno Kirby continues dancing on the floor...
Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 9.24.30 AM

"Dance in Smarty Pants"

(with several guest stars dancing)