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Lionel reads a very sad story to Leona about a king who kills his hawk who was


only trying to save him from drinking water poisoned by a snake. When the story makes Leona really sad, though, she tries to hide the book!

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Martha Reader and The Vowelles: sing Fred Says: sing

Colored Patterns: sing, sit, it

A word from Walter Bobbie: it

Heath the Thesaurus sings "Ten Small Words" (EKA: Episode 15: There's a Fly in My Soup)

Tiger Words: trip

Space Words: trip, sip, sight, night

The Monkey Pop Up Theatre: "There is no need to light a night light" (EKA: Episode 05: Shooting Stars)

Sky Words: night, nick, tick, tickle

What's Cooking with Theo and Cleo: Tickled and Pickled Ribs (EKA:Episode 03: Little Big Mouse)

Sam Spud: jam/jim (EKA: Episode 11: To the Ship! To the Ship!)

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A King and His Hawk

A King and His Hawk