Plot Edit

Lionel reads a very sad story to Leona about a king who kills his hawk who was only trying to save him from drinking water poisoned by a snake.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.12.06 AM

Segments Edit

Martha Reader and The Vowelles: sing

Colored Patterns: sing, sit, it

A word from Walter Bobbie: it

Heath the Thesaurus sings "Ten Small Words" (EKA: Episode 15: There's a Fly in My Soup)

Tiger Words: trip (EKA: Episode 03: Little Big Mouse)

Fred Says: sing

Space Words: sing, sight, night

The Monkey Pop Up Theatre: "There is no need to light a night light" (EKA: Episode 05: Shooting Stars)

Sky Words: night, nick, tick, tickle

What's Cooking with Theo and Cleo: Tickled and Pickled Ribs (EKA:Episode 03: Little Big Mouse)

Sam Spud: jam/jim (EKA: Episode 11: To the Ship! To the Ship!)

Notes Edit

This is the second episode to have instant violence and be banned from PBS Television.

The Sky Words segment has the same music from Episode 21: Sausage Nose, and it has the same sky background with the same color of the words which is light blue instead of yellow like in Episode 22: Red Hat, Green Hat.

Video Edit

A King and His Hawk26:43

A King and His Hawk

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