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Hug Hug Hug! is the 18th episode of Between the Lions.


Screenshot 2015-12-26-21-01-04

Martha Reader and The Vowelles: rug

Gawain's Word: hug (EKA: Episode 09: Fuzzy Wuzzy, Wuzzy?)

Fred Says: Juggle

Stage Words: juggle, jug, mug, muck, duck

Fun with Chicken Jane: Chicken Jane and the Big Flying Duck (EKA: Episode 09: Fuzzy Wuzzy, Wuzzy?)

A word from Stephon Marbury: dunk

Sam Spud: knock/knuck

The Great Smartini: muddy bunny (EKA: Episode 09: Fuzzy Wuzzy, Wuzzy?)

Space Words: bunny, bun, but, cut, cub, cube

Silent E: cap/cape (EKA: Episode 12: The Chap With Caps)

B.B. King of the Beasts sings Silent E Blues


  • Tyler Bunch plays Pygmalion.
  • During the final scene, Lionel imitates Sam Spud by copying the same segment that was featured in the episode when he said "Suddenly, there was knuck at the door. Knuck at the door? That's not right". This segment will also be featured in Episode 28: The Fox and the Crow and Episode 30: Be Bop because those episode features the short "O" sound when Sam said "The neon sign outside is blinking On, off, On, Off."

Watch Episode Edit

Hug, Hug, Hug!26:41

Hug, Hug, Hug!

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