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Episode 16: The Popcorn Popper

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The Popcorn Popper
Season 1, Episode 16
Air date April 24, 2000
Written by Joe Fallon
Episode guide
There's a Fly In My Soup
Something Fishy
The Popcorn Popper is the sixteenth episode of Between the Lions.

Segments Edit

The Vowelles:top

Gawain's Word: hop (EKA: Episode 13: Pandora's Box)

Denice Graves: Opera

The Great Smartini: popping popcorn (EKA: Episode 02: The Lost Rock)

Tongue Twisters: Choppers Chop, Shoppers, Shop

Gradient Words: shop, slop, stop, top, pop

Fred Says: lollipop

The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and the Big Ape and the Banana Drop (EKA: Episode 12: The Chap With Caps)

The Word Doctor with Dr. Ruth Wordheimer: helicopters

Sloppy Pop sings Sloppy Pop (EKA: Episode 13: Pandora's Box)

Robots: pop, hop, hot, tot

Short song: tot, cot, not (EKA: Episode 13: Pandora's Box)

Color Pattern Words: tot, lot, lock

The Un-People: un-locked/re-locked (EKA: Episode 02: The Lost Rock)

Video Edit

The Popcorn Popper26:40

The Popcorn Popper

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