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Episode 12: The Chap With Caps

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Lionel and Leona see Babs Caplan write a story.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.15.24 AM


The Vowelles: tap

Fred Says: nap

Arty Smartypants: lap, clap, flap, flapjack

Seesaw: flap, lap, clap

The Word Doctor with Dr. Ruth Wordheimer: thunderclap

Short Song: clam, swam, dam (EKA: Episode 10: Lionel's Antlers)

Sea Words: clam, cram, crash

Gawain's Word: crash

Sam Spud: same/Sam

Dr. Beatrice Berry: cap

Maze: cap/cape

Silent E: cap/cape

Fred Says (again): scrape

The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and the Big Ape and the Banana Drop

Bookmarks: ape, cape, cape, cap, sap, sad

The Word Doctor with Dr. Ruth Wordheimer: sad/glad

Watch EpisodeEdit

The Chap With Caps26:46

The Chap With Caps

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