The Popcorn Popper/Oh, Yes, it Can!
Season 9, Episode 117
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Episode 116: Priceless Gifts/King Midas
Episode 118: The Emporor's New Clothes/The Hungry Coat
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The Popcorn Popper Edit

After reading a book about a popcorn popper, Lionel and Leona turn on their own popcorn popper, but can't turn it off!

Oh, Yes, it Can! Edit

The Lions listen to a story about a talking yam.

Segments Edit

The Popcorn PopperEdit

Oh, Yes, it Can!Edit

  • Real Kids: Words That Begin with A
  • Get Your Mouth Moving: Short A
  • Gawain's Word: Fan
  • A Capital and Lowercase "A" Zip onto a Colorful Background
  • What's Your Name: Short A
  • Fred Says: clam
  • Sky Words: Man, Mat, At
  • If You Can Read: -at

Notes Edit