The Hopping Hen
Season 1, Episode 6
The hopping hen
Air date April 10, 2000
Written by Joe Fallon
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Lionel and Leona came to a woman who was disturbed by a hopping hen. Lionel tells the hen to get out, but Leona runs into Theo Lion who came with a heavy box of signs from the printer. Theo calls Cleo that the signs are here. Cleo was surprised that the signs are here. Lionel asks Theo that are what kind of signs.

Theo replies that signs hang up all over the library that tell everybody the rules. Cleo broke her claw when she cut the tape. Click interrupts with a warning which is; flood! Lionel read some signs, and decides to hang them up. Leona hops with the hopping Henrietta.

Walter and Clay Pigeon are having fun with Barnaby B. Busterfield III who has a party hat on his head. Walter read the sign; "fun here". Lionel tells Leona that this is the last sign; "hopping hen here". Lionel decides to have fun with Henrietta. Walter and Clay sing their song; "Oogidum" while they were walking to Lionel. Lionel slides on the stage and sings Brand New Rules to the patrons.

Everything in the library causes a mighty ruckus and Theo yells that what is going on. Cleo realized that the printer forgot the "No" on all the signs. Theo said there should be "No saxophone playing" and "No breaking bricks permitted". Just then, a delivery man arrives with a box, and relieves to be the noes. Soon they put them all over the signs and everything put back to normal. However, Leona finds a hopping hen sign without a no, but Cleo reveled that one sign isn't supposed to have one. They put it outside so the hen could hop and everyone else can read in private. The fun here sign also a no. Now the pigeons have fun where Buster is.

Segments Edit

IMG 2885

Fred Says: hen

Martha Reader and The Vowelles: men (EKA: Episode 04: Farmer Ken's Puzzle)

Seesaw: men, hen, when

Who's Here?

Seesaw (again): when, hen, pen, pet, wet

Gawain's Word: wet (EKA: Episode 01: Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West)

Robots: wet, pet, pen, hen

The Great Smartini: ten red vested hens

The Un-People: undressed/redressed (EKA: Episode 01: Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West)

Fred Says (again): yell

Stage Words: yell, yes

Dr. Nitwhite: yes, yet, let, bet

Martha Reader and The Vowelles (again): The E Song

The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger and the Bed (EKA: Episode 01: Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West)

Sloppy Pop sings Read The Signs




  • This is the third episode that does not have a particular book involved.
  • This is the second episode that has the word hen as the main word, the first was Farmer Ken's Puzzle.


  • Busterfield: Heh heh heh. Now the sign says 'no fun here.'
  • Walter and Clay: Oh, no fun here? Phooey!
  • Busterfield: (singing) Every party has a pooper / That's why I invited me / Party pooper, party pooper. Heh heh heh heh.
  • Cleo: One 'hopping hen here' sign isn't supposed to have a 'no.' The library welcomes all bouncing poultry.
  • Cliff Hanger: This is as easy as falling out of bed.
  • Delivery Man: This is a really interesting library.
  • Lionel: Oh yeah.
  • Cleo: Oh, oh, the printer forgot the 'nos.'
  • Leona: (indicating her nose) I got mine.
  • Lionel: (singing) Bye bye to peace and quiet / Old laws and regulations.
  • Leona: You know, it sort of seems like the rules are -- there are no rules.
  • Lionel: This place is like, wild. Come on. Let's go check out the rest of the library.
  • Click: Lionel, Leona. I have been scanning very unusual visual data all over the library.
  • Leona: (reading a sign) 'Hopping hen here.'
  • Hen: (clucks hesitantly)
  • Lionel: Okay, I guess we're ready for you now.
  • Leona: Breaking bricks is permitted in the library? (gasps)
  • Lionel: I guess so. It -- it says right here.
  • Lionel: 'Monkeys on the stair railing?' What a weird rule.
  • Theo: Cleo, my dear, the signs are here! Hey, that rhymed.
  • Female Patron: I am an animal lover, but I draw the lion, the line, at chickens jumping on my book!

Video Edit

The Hopping Hen26:45

The Hopping Hen

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