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Episode 01: Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West

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Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West is the first episode of Between the Lions when it was made as the television series premiere.


  • The Vowelles - Best
  • Fred Says - Bell
  • Gawain's Word - Wet
  • Arty Smartypants- Nest,Rest,Resting,Restaurant
  • Cliff Hanger- Cliff Hanger and The Bed
  • Tiger Words- Tent
  • The Word Doctor with Dr.Ruth Wordheimer-Impressive
  • Dr.Betrice Berry-Yell
  • What's Your Name- Short E
  • The UN People- Dressed-Undressed
  • The Monkey Pop Up Theater- Sven Said


Theo reads "How Pecos Bill Cleaned Up the West" to the cubs, Lionel and Leona.

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