"Cliff Hanger and the Judge of Jam Jar Jugglers" is a book in The Adventures of Cliff Hanger series writtten by Livingston Dangerously. This issue was about the letter "J".

IMG 3127

Plot Edit

Cliff is, once again, hanging from a cliff. All of a sudden, a jeep with a famous judge of jam jar jugglers passes by, asking Cliff if he wants to juggle. Cliff pulls out his survival manual and learns he should just juggle. The judge then tells him that if he passes, he'll appear in a new jam jar juggling movie. Cliff juggles the jars using one hand and one leg. The judge calls it "The best one-armed juggling act I ever saw!" However, to pass the audition, you need to juggle with 2 hands. The judge leaves, and Cliff is still hanging.

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