"Cliff Hanger and Quinten Quigley's Quick Question" is a book in The Adventures of Cliff Hanger book series by Livingston Dangerously. This one was meant to teach about the letter "Q".

IMG 3117

Plot Edit

Cliff is, as usual, hanging from the cliff. When suddenly, a blimp with question marks all over it flies by. It turns out the blimp belongs to Quinten Quigley, host of the popular quiz show, "Off This Cliff!", and he wants to ask Cliff a quick question that could get him off the cliff. Cliff reaches into his backpack to quickly turn to his survival manual, which tells him to say yes, which he does. Quinten's question is a true-or-false question, "Will you get off this cliff today?" Cliff says true, which turns out to be the wrong answer. Quinten leaves, and Cliff is still hanging from the branch.

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