'''"Cliff Hanger Sells his House"''' is a book in The Adventures of Cliff Hanger series by Livingston Dangerously.

Plot Edit

Cliff is hanging from the cliff when he sees a man who wants to help him sell his house. Cliff then learns if he is inside the house whilst it's being moved, he'd be moved along with it. The man leaves to get some clients to sell the house to, when Cliff realizes he doesn't have a house! Quickly, Cliff reaches for his survival manual to learn that if a man wants to sell your non-existent house, build one fast. Cliff hastily builds a shoddy house around himself so it can be sold along with him. Immediately after that, the man returns with 3 clients to sell the house to. Client #1 bids $100,000 to move it to Paris. Client #2 bids $200,000 to move it to Hawaii. Client #3 pays $1,000,000 for it, to be destroyed! She wins, and Cliff's "house" is destroyed.

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