Cliff Hanger, the Pheasant, and the Phone is another phenomenal installment of The Adventures of Cliff Hanger by Livingston Dangerously. The issue in question tought about the "f" sound the letters "ph" make.

Plot Edit

Cliff is, as usual, hanging from the cliff. When suddenly, he hears a phesant taking to his friend, Phil. Cliff reaches into his backpack for his phenomenal Survival Manual. Cliff reads that if this phenomena is occurring, ask the pheasant if you can borrow his phone. Cliff does this, but the pheasant points out that the word "pheasant" starts with the "ph" sound, and encourages Cliff to say the phrase. Cliff reads that if this happens, say the word pheasant. Cliff does, and the pheasant points out that the word "phone" starts with "ph" as well. Cliff's fingers begin slipping, and the pheasant throws the phone down. Cliff dials the "Get Me Off This Cliff Hotline" (555-CLIFF), and they pinpoint his location. Cliff gives the phone back to the pheasant, but the helicopter from the hotline takes the pheasant instead!

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