Episode 9000

Cliff Hanger, the Mole, and the Rope is a book from the notable The Adventures of Cliff Hanger book series meant teach the long "o" sound.

Plot Edit

Cliff Hanger is hanging from his branch, when he notices a mole, holding a rope. Cliff notes that if there's a mole holding a rope, he should ask the mole to give him the other end of the rope so he can go. Cliff asks the mole, and he allows it. In fact, since Cliff enjoyed holding one end of his rope, he gives him the whole rope, causing Cliff to go back to his branch abode.

Video Edit

Between the Lions- "Cliff Hanger, the Mole, and the Rope"01:54

Between the Lions- "Cliff Hanger, the Mole, and the Rope"

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