Busterfield Library A-Z is a song by Leon Redbone.

Lyrics Edit

  • Leon Redbone: A is for Albrecht
  • And B is for Busterfield
  • And Click and Cleo start with C
  • D's for Dot
  • E's for elephant
  • and F is for Fred.
  • Gawain: I'm Gawain and I start with G!
  • Leon Redbone: H stands for Heath
  • And I's for Ines
  • And J's for Johnny Consonanti.
  • It's fun to sing about each person and thing in the Busterfield Library.
  • K stands for King
  • L's for Lionel and Leona
  • And Leon, and lots of luck
  • M's for Marmy
  • N's for Nitwit! (Nitwhite!)
  • Nitwit: Nitwhite!
  • Leon Redbone (Cont'd): O's for ox, And P's for puck.
  • Q's for queen, R's for ram, and S is for Sam, and Tiger Words starts with T.
  • The un People's name has a U at the beginning, and the Vowelles start with V.
  • W's for Walter, X marks the spot, Y's for yam, Now we're up to Z
  • Monkey: Yeah!
  • Leon Redbone: And Z is for zoo. Now it's good-bye to you, from the Busterfield Library.
  • Lions: We're proud to be in
  • Leon Redbone: The Busterfield Library
  • Theo: We're A to Z in
  • All: The Busterfield Library. Yeah!

Appearances Edit

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