Don't call me Buster!

Barnaby B. Busterfield, also known (much to his own dismay) as "Buster", is, of course, a bust of a man with a curled mustache. He founded the library and he is its namesake. He doesn't like that he is always being annoyed by Walter and Clay Pigeon but gets it anyway because being a statue, especially without legs, cannot go anywhere. He never seems to be in another place.

He is performed by Tim Lagasse, who also plays the Library itself. Born in 1856 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When he was 9 years old, in 1865, he was obsessed in typewriters and flight. He was a funny young boy who makes jokes.

In 1878, he graduated from Harvard University. Between 1878 and 1883, he worked as a cowboy in Montana and Texas. He was earned by his nickname, Buffalo Buster. In 1883, his first job was a Telegraph Operator on the Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg Railroad. By 1887, he became a Telegraph, Telephone, Railroad, Typewriter, Banking, Shipping, Coal, Lumber, Newspaper, Paper, Steel Tycoon. In 1887, Busterfield was married to Penny MacDonald of Scotland in New York and had 4 children: Barnaby B. Busterfield IV in 1888, Molly in 1890, Donald in 1900, and Isabel in 1902. On May 29, 1892, he found the Barnaby B. Busterfield III Memorial Public Library in Pittsburgh. His boyhood home he thought could be a perfect library for his childhood memories. He raised one million dollars to make his childhood home into a library. He sat still for a statue of himself. The bust of himself was sculpted by his wife. The statue of himself was bought by the library's manager for $150. It was placed in the dome at the top of the library. The library opened its doors so everyone can read the books. In 1898, he joined Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders. In 1900, they moved to Woodland Valley, Ohio. By 1902, Busterfield became a billionaire. His first business venture was investing money to the Wright Brothers for inventing the airplane. In 1904, he found the Busterfield Airplane Company. In 1907, after the panic of Wall Street, he helped to restore the American Economy. In 1912, while on the Titanic, his wife got so angry about forgetting his promise to buying her a hat. In a great rage, she kicked him overboard and he drowned to his death and the age of 56. He was buried at the Busterfield Cemetery in Pittsburgh.


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