Announcer Bunny is a character in Between the Lions. Like his name suggests, he is an announcer. He appears at the start of every show showing a sneak peek of the Seasons 1 to 4 episodes. But he also appears between segments (and between halves of two-half episodes from season 5-10).

List of previews for episodes Edit

Dialogue Edit

  • "Announcer Bunny here to show you what's coming up, next on Between the Lions!"
  • "Announcer Bunny here. Check out what's coming up, here on Between the Lions!"
  • "Announcer Bunny here. Don't touch that remote! Here comes Between the Lions!"
  • "Please stay tuned to see what happens next on my favorite show. That's right. Between the Lions!"
  • "If you think that was fun, watch this!"
  • "This is your Announcer Bunny with a following announcement, Between the Lions is funded in part by:"